A court has found the previous owner of this domain to have been using it to sell replica Chanel handbags, replica Chanel wallets among other items. As a result of the court's decision Chanel was granted ownership of the domain.


The name Chanel and the iconic double CC design are internationally recognized symbols known for class, quality and craftsmanship. Chanel prides itself on designing, manufacturing, and distributing only the best baggage, wallets, purses, shoes, belts, sunglasses and more. Many Chanel replica and replica Chanel sites often claim false authenticity on their cheaper, questionable products.

Mohega.com offered what they claimed as "competitively priced wallets and handbag products," among those items included Chanel replica cambon key chains with white and black CC’s for $180, replica Chanel classic handbags for $599, black replica Chanel Ligne cambon bags for $439, Chanel replica cambon reporter bags for $599, Chanel replica campon pouchette bags for $925 and various replica Chanel pieces from Chanel’s fall collection starting at $569.

Despite the dubious nature of replica products, of their goods they claimed “guaranteed authenticity.” The sale of “Chanel Replica” and “Replica Chanel” from Mehega.com underestimates and devalues the class and quality associated with genuine Chanel products. Chanel has made it a top priority to stop the sale of replica Chanel and counterfeit products. Mohega compromised Chanel’s true quality and craftsmanship with cheap replicas that commonly degrade, fade in color and tear at much higher occurrences than with actual Chanel products.


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