A court has found the previous owner of this domain to have been using it to sell replica Chanel handbags, replica Chanel wallets among other items. As a result of the court's decision Chanel was granted ownership of the domain.


When you buy Chanel replica and replica Chanel merchandise, not only are you buying illegitimate Chanel products that are of poorer quality and design; you are also funding unlawful conduct and could even be supporting organized crime networks.

As an internationally known logo and fashion company, Chanel produces the best quality handbags by using only the finest materials and stitching. The construction and material of Chanel replicas are nowhere near the standards of authentic Chanel products. In addition to their unlawful conduct of illegally selling Chanel replicas, counterfeiters often engage in identity theft and theft of personal belongings; crimes in which taxes are not paid causing the loss of city and state revenues.

Because search engines generally do not screen for authenticity, there has been a large boom of postings for the sale of counterfeit and replica Chanel products. Chanel has been adamant about stopping the sale of counterfeit products to ensure that its customers are buying and receiving only authentic and quality Chanel products. To protect yourself as the consumer, only buy Chanel products from an authorized Chanel outlet, many of which are listed on Chanels homepage website.


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